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Brooklyn Arbor is a comprehensive prekindergarten through fifth grade learning community committed to helping students thrive academically, emotionally, and socially.

We are dedicated to providing a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment for every student where racial, linguistic, economic status/social class, religious, cultural, gender and other identities are affirmed.  All students will receive an education that places a premium on relationships, engagement with the wider community, and scholarship.

At Brooklyn Arbor, we firmly believe that this period of exploration, discovery and practice should be met with an interdisciplinary, project-based, arts and technology infused curriculum which will encourage developing minds to forge connections, take intellectual risks, and foster strong habits and values.

Brooklyn Arbor maintains that school, at all grade levels, should be meaningful, fun-filled and responsive to each child. Our goal, in partnership with families, is to cultivate a student body full of organized, self-reliant, collaborative, resilient and flexible learners who respond to tricky personal and global issues with zest and reason, as the world that will one day be theirs will undoubtedly demand it.

Founded in 2012

Founded by Eva Irizarry and Cristina Albarran, our South Williamsburg New York City Department of Education public school began as a K-2 with just under 250 students. In the Fall of 2015, we grew to full scale serving students in grades PK-5. Brooklyn Arbor is located in District 14.

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Brooklyn, NY 11211



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