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Afterschool Programs & Clubs

Onsite Afterschool

Brooklyn Arbor partners with St. Nicks Alliance to provide a free afterschool program for Arbor students. The program runs from dismissal until 6pm Monday - Friday. Spots are available on a first come, first served basis. This is a full-time program - students cannot attend only a few days a week. To apply, contact: Kendra Simmons, Site Director

Afterschool Clubs

Arbor staff run free themed afterschool clubs in the fall and spring semester. Clubs usually meet once or twice a week. Clubs include drama, debate, chess, chorus and arts. Information on available clubs will be sent home with students in September and January.


Offsite Afterschool Programs

Several nearby afterschool providers offer fee-based programs and pick students up from Brooklyn Arbor. Brooklyn Arbor is not affiliated with any programs in this guide. It is the parent’s responsibility to research programs and assess quality, facilities, value and safety. All pick up and financial arrangements must be communicated directly with the program director/staff.

Get the full list of offsite programs from our Parent Association.

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