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Morning Arrival 

  • School STARTS at 8:30am. Students should arrive to school to begin lining up between 8:15-8:29am.

  • Do not double park during drop off or arrival. Emergency vehicles and school buses need full access.

  • Once the gates are closed, late students must enter through the Main Entrance and get a late pass. Parents cannot escort students into the building.

  • Lock up bikes, strollers and scooters outside school gates.

  • Be prepared for the weather! Send students to school with an umbrella or raincoat. Dress in warm layers when it is cold.

Note: During construction, we will utilize the gates on South 2nd Street for arrival and dismissal. 

Afternoon Dismissal

  • Dismissal takes place daily between 2:40-2:50pm (same location as morning arrival).

  • If you arrive after 2:50pm and are late to pick up your child, you will need to enter through the Main Entrance and sign your child out. Please do not make picking up your child late a regular occurance.

  • Be prepared for the weather! Send students to school with an umbrella or raincoat. Dress in warm layers when it is cold. Dismissal happens outside RAIN OR SHINE.

  • Caretakers must stay behind the yellow lines and cones while waiting for your child’s class in the yard.

  • Please avoid lengthy conversations with your child’s teacher if they still have other students waiting to be picked up.

  • For the safety of your child, avoid last minute changes in dismissal plans. Keep consistent routines.

Breakfast & Water

Breakfast starts at 8:15am. School breakfast is offered at the beginning of each day free of charge. Please note children may not bring breakfast from home to eat in the classroom.

Students should bring water to school in a reusable, spill-proof bottle from home for drinks during the day. Please label all water bottles with your child’s name. We now have refillable water stations throughout the school!

Lunch & Recess

Lunch & Recess Supervisor:

Kindergarten/First Grade: Sara Yerry (note: will be on maternity leave Jan-April)

Second Grade/Third Grade: Eva Irizarry

Fourth Grade/Fifth Grade: Cristina Albarran

Lunch Reminders:

  • Each lunch and recess period is supervised by a team of 6-10 staff members.

  • Students who do not bring lunch from home, will be provided with a school lunch at no cost.

  • We have chilled water available for all students.

  • We do not serve chocolate milk.

  • If students do not want the served meal, they can ask for an alternative (usually a PB&J or cheese sandwich).

  • Students have approximately 25 minutes to eat.

  • Please make sure students can open their own containers.

  • Students will sanitize their hands before eating.

NYC DOE PreK-8 Lunch Menu

Recess Reminders:

  • Students go outside ALL year long. Dress for the weather!

  •  We only keep students inside if the parent has provided a medical note.

  • Support your child at home by practicing shoelace tying.

School Uniform

We believe that a school uniforms policy helps foster school pride and a community free of judgment and competition.​ Arbor school uniforms are required daily and consist of: 

  • Green (any shade), white or tan polo or tee (short or long-sleeve) with or without the school logo.

  • Khaki, green or white pants, shorts, or skirt.

  • Footwear appropriate for daily outdoor play and PE.

Arbor tees and hoodies can be purchased through the P.A. Merch Shop

You can purchase clothing with a printed logo from

Dark green or white polo shirts or tee's (short or long sleeve) and khaki bottoms (shorts, skirts, pants, etc.) can be purchased through any other vendor of your choice.


Gently used uniforms are available at no cost in the PA room during school hours. Please find the clothing racks labeled "Gently Used Uniforms." If you would like to donate school uniforms, please drop off in the bin labeled "Gently Used Uniform Drop-Off."

*Hats and hoods are not to be worn inside the school building.

Other Questions

For questions about the Dual Language program:

Sara Yerry, AP/Dual Language Supervisor

For questions about Special Education:

Cristina Albarran, AP/Special Education Supervisor

For questions about busing:

Maria Molina, Parent Coordinator


For questions about medication for your child:

Luz Lopez, School Nurse


For questions about school merchandise, volunteering, and fundraising:

Brooklyn Arbor PA:


For questions about changing your home address:

Elizabeth Ortega, School Secretary

For questions about St. Nicks after school program:

Kendra Simmons, Site Director


We use Operoo as our primary communication tool. It is critical that every family activate their Operoo account.

  • Class placement letters, supply lists, and Community Letters will be sent out via this platform.

  • All forms are fully digital via Operoo. This includes the emergency contact card, trip permission slips, media consent, and more.

If you need any assistance, please contact Maria Molina at

Stay Connected

  • Sign up with Operoo to receive information from your child’s teacher and schoolwide updates.

  • Check your child’s backpack for letters/notices.

  • Follow us on Twitter: @BrooklynArbor

  • Follow the PA’s Instagram account: @BrooklynArborPA 

  • Chat with us daily at arrival and dismissal.

  • Email your child’s teacher(s).

  • Email with concerns.

  • Attend monthly PA meetings.

Family Income Inquiry Form

At the start of each school year, you will be asked to return a Family Income Inquiry Form. Everyone needs to submit a new form even if you have submitted one last year.  This critical form is tied to school funding and we need full participation. Please fill out the form that comes home in backpack mail, or go to to fill out electronically. 

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